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Consumer Behaviour for Business Success

Consumer Behaviour for Business Success
Start Date:


Six weeks (part time)

1 September 2024

This six-week short course will improve your understanding of what impacts consumer behaviour, equipping you to lead on or contribute to the consumer objectives in your chosen context.

In the first session, you will get a thorough introduction to what impacts consumer behaviour and how this is relevant to businesses. You will then explore the consumer decision-making process using different models and frameworks. You will be introduced to the tools available to help you understand your customers and will discover how different demographic and cultural influences influence consumer decision-making. Finally, you will look to the future of consumer behaviour, considering the impact of patterns and external factors.

You will finish the course with a greater confidence in your theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of consumer behaviour, helping you to confidently derive actionable insights about to improve customer experiences within your brand or business.

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