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Using Word Processing Software

Using Word Processing Software
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Online or in person

1 day

Please enquire for start date.

Who is this course for? These courses are for everyone, whether you’re looking to start building your word processing or document typing skills, need a refresher or are looking to move on to a more advanced level – we have an option for you! The course is available at three levels – basic, intermediate and advanced. Entry Requirements There are no formal qualifications required to undertake this course. To secure your place please return the completed application form and send to After this, we will be in touch to arrange next steps. Why should I do this qualification? This course is for you if you want to start, build or enhance your skills using word processing software What will I learn? Learners will develop their understanding, knowledge and skills using word processing software: Basic Level: Open and close documents using different techniques Create, edit and save documents Create folders, move, copy files into folders Change the appearance and layout of a document using formatting techniques Create headers, footers and page numbering Preview and print documents Use spell checker, thesaurus, find / replace and autocorrect Create and format tables Intermediate Level: View and create documents Create documents from templates Save and save as Find documents and folders Email/share documents Perform character formatting Perform paragraph formatting Understand page layouts Understand and use the paste special Work with page and section breaks Create, format and work with tables Insert headers and footers Insert graphics and understand the different types of graphics Work with graphics Print envelopes and labels Advanced: Create and use heading styles Produce a table of contents Design a form Mail merge Create and manipulate columns Insert graphics and understand the different types of graphics Insert hyperlinks Create and run macros How will I be assessed? These courses are completed in one day and there is no assessment – tasks will be given and completed throughout the session.

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