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Shout out: Digital Futures Creative Campaign - invitation to quote

We are looking for an innovative and highly creative approach to promoting the opportunities available in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to as many people as possible. Combining online and offline channels, the successful organisation will:

  • show deep understanding of audiences and tactics

  • have plenty of original ideas

  • a proven track record of securing business goals. 

A little background.....

The Cornish tech sector, though the fastest growing in the South West, is mostly invisible to a large proportion of the population. Yet, this is the sector which is providing solutions to some of our greatest challenges—like energy security, connectivity, healthcare, and sustainability.

Digital Futures is a transformative digital skills project aligning with Cornwall's strategic vision and economic ambition.

A key part of the collaborative delivery plan, and a recommendation of the 2022 Digital Skills Assessment, was a campaign that raised awareness of the tech sector in Cornwall and the opportunities there are.

If we can show Cornwall that there is an exciting and growing tech sector; there are jobs and training opportunities on our doorstep; and that you can earn a great wage without leaving this beautiful region; then we could start to tackle these linked challenges.

To be clear, this campaign is not about the ongoing marketing required for the programme and the courses that partners are delivering. This is an additional and separate campaign to raise the profile of opportunities in tech and digital roles for Cornish residents. To highlight the pre-existing conditions which make the Cornwall business environment an ideal place for tech companies and digital careers to thrive.

The target audience for the programme and for this campaign are people who have the aptitude and ambition to work in a digital role in any organisation, or in the tech sector in Cornwall, but are currently un- or under-employed.

Anticipated project timescales

  • Contract start and initiation meeting: May 2024

  • Strategic plan presented for sign off: June 2024

  • Campaign delivery: July – October 2024

  • Project evaluation delivered: December 2024


Anticipated Submission and Award Timescales

  • ITQ made available to bidders - 21st March 2024

  • Date to submit questions/clarifications (if needed) - 4th April 2024

  • Deadline for receipt of Invitation to Quote - 19th April 2024

  • Preferred bidder chosen (subject to contract) - 30th April 2024


The maximum allotted budget for this campaign is £24,500 inclusive of VAT.


Please take a look at the full invitation to quote document attached.

Invitation to Quote - Digital Futures Creative Campaign
Download DOCX • 532KB

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